Andrew Abumoussa

Candidate for Neurosurgery Match 2018

Examples of projects I have participated in.

Calculating Perfusion from DSA

I wrote software to analyze perfusion metrics from digital subtraction angiography and CT angiography. My research is currently used to: Patent application submitted!
Using artificial intelligence and high performance computing, I demonstrated how to extract real-time insights from Twitter data. Watch as I presented live data at the Health and Human Services and White House's Health Datapalooza in 2012.

News Coverage: Background | Gizmodo | New Scientist | Business Insider | PopSci | Fierce Health | Wait Wait... Don't tell me! (Round 2, 5 min)


We built a business allowing clients to easily use artificial intelligence on their data online. Here we taught a classifier to differentiate between "sick" tweets and "not sick" tweets. Over time the classifier could differentiate symptoms and diseases in an unsupervised fashion, allowing us to observe the health of the nation in real-time.
As the chief technologist at SimplyHome, I built the infrastructure behind solutions allowing families to monitor their aging or disabled loved ones who were living independently.

Learn more here: Simply Home
Working with individuals suffering from disabilities encouraged me to pursue medicine. Through these relationships, I learned the limits technology faces when addressing health issues and the importance of a medical knowledge base.

In this project Extreme Makeover Home Edition invited us to help give Brian his independence back. We automated his entire home and provided him with technology to pursue his college education.
We were asked to create an entire business suite that would enable Mrs. Gibbs to work out of her new home. Shortly after her husband passed, she suffered a stroke that left her blind. I built the custom voice-controlled software to manage appointment scheduling, billing, and communication with clients.
Andrew Abumoussa